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Group Leader

Albuquerque, NM · Manufacturing
About the Job / Position Summary:
Group lead team.  Monitor activities. Coordinate and schedule work activities utilizing people and equipment.  Monitor production while assuring schedule compliance. Lead and coordinate activities in the absence of the supervisor. Assist in all areas of production to ensure 100% OTD.  Interface with management and engineering.  Communicate and pass-down to oncoming shifts.  Computer input.  Train individuals in processes as required.  Perform production activities as needed.

Specific Responsibilities:
  • Thoroughly understand the requirements of every process they are group leading.  Typically be certified in most if not all the processes.
  •  Assist in process training for operators.
  • Assure that process integrity is being maintained.
  • Make engineering and management aware if a process is not performing properly.
  • Audit and make sure that operators are following documented procedures. Make management aware if and operator is not following the process.
  • As required assist technical team in pilot runs and launching of new products or processes
  • As directed make operator assignments and manage line flow to achieve production goals.
  • Balance work force to maintain maximum efficiency.
  • Maintain proper supply of as required materials and piece parts to achieve production goals.
  • Take corrective actions on issues that arise that are hurting production. Examples are equipment down time, stock outs, etc.
  • Immediately inform management if their involvement is needed to correct the situation.
  • Keep a close eye on quality and take corrective action or elevate to management any issues hurting quality.
  • Perform or assist in cycle counts of inventory
Data Entry
  • Perform various data entry operations such as reporting production, etc.
  • As required do additional computer work including maintaining spreadsheets or providing a report.

Report to management any people issues needing attention such as:
  • Tardiness
  • Low productivity
  • Procedure violations
  • Safety violations
  • Policy violations
  • Friction between employees or harassment
  • Work with supervisor to assist in keeping track of attendance and punctuality.
Perform manufacturing activities

Education and Experience:
  • High school diploma or equivalent
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