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MS Data Science Co-Op

Boston, MA
Data Science – Smart Sensor Data Analytics

About the Company: CTS Corporation Boston Innovation Office is an advanced R&D laboratory developing next generation engine and vehicle control technologies. True to its roots as an early-stage, MIT spin-out company, the lab maintains it unique start-up innovation culture supporting corporate R&D. Our customers include global engine and vehicle OEMs, the U.S. Dept. of Energy, the National Science Foundation, and leading universities. Additional information is available at:

This is a unique opportunity to work as part of a team on a project developing a novel self-calibrating radio frequency (RF-based) sensor. The sensor uses the same technology found in cell phones and other wireless devices. Rather than transmitting data using RF, the sensors analyze changes in the RF signal itself to provide a real-time measure of engine exhaust levels. Currently our sensors are operating on systems with OEMs and vehicle fleets in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

We are looking for a Data Scientist with creative problem solving skills who has a strong background in data mining and data analytics. The work involves analyzing large volumes of sensor data from a range of vehicle applications and drive cycles to develop self-learning algorithms for sensor calibration. The project offers ample opportunities to interact directly with our customers, gain project management experience, and develop the analytics system from the ground up.

Primary Responsibilities:
 Continue the development of sensor data analytics platform.
 Develop sensor calibration and machine learning capabilities.
 Validate and benchmark self-calibrating sensor against industry benchmarks.
 Coordinate with technical staff to carry out experiments and test procedures to validate calibrations and/or collect additional data as needed.
 Assist with preparation/delivery of project reports and customer presentations.
Required Skills:
 Strong background in machine learning techniques, including the improvement, development, and implementation of complex learning algorithms.
 Demonstrated knowledge of statistical modeling and data science concepts, and experience working with very large, diverse, and real-time data sets.
 Proficient in use of Matlab for data analysis.

 Undergraduate degree in computer science, electrical or mechanical engineering, or related field.
 Related work experience or academic research a plus.
 Demonstrated ability to manage projects and meet deadlines.

Located 4 miles from downtown Boston, within walking distance of Orange Line subway stop. Competitive pay commensurate with experience.
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