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Machining Process Tech II

Albuquerque, NM

Job/Position Summary

Drive process improvement, scrap reduction and lean projects in the PEP shaping area.  Focus on Haas machining process improvement through N/C programming, tooling, and fixture improvements, as well as ability to train operators on proper machine setup, machine controls, and product dimensional verification.   This technician will also work with engineering to launch new products and processes.  This technician will work with other PEP shaping area equipment such as grinders, lappers, wire saws, and dicers to improve processes while working with area operators and training.

Major Areas of Responsibility

  • Working knowledge of Haas machine operation, NC programming, machine tools and gages. Process improvements including N/C programming, tooling, fixturing, and gaging.
  • Train operators on the proper use of the Haas milling machine, as well as other machine processes in the shaping area. Training to including proper setup, machine controls, and verification of product dimensions per established processes.
  • Assist in the launch of new products in the PEP shaping and slicing area.  Work with engineering to develop and implement machine processes.  Collect manufacturing yield and capability data. Use data to help drive change in improving machine processes.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • N/C controlled 3-axis milling machine operation, NC programming, machine tool setup and gaging.
  • Good interpersonal skills with operators, supervisors, and engineers
  • Good Basic computer skills to include familiarity with spreadsheets and word processing.

Education and Experience

  • Two years minimum experience with 3-axis N/C controlled milling machines
  • Two years minimum experience with N/C programming using machine code
  • Knowledge in the use of all standard hand held gauges, and optical comparator
  • Basic SPC knowledge, Basic computer skills to include familiarity with spreadsheets and word processing software.
  • Machine experience with grinders, lappers, wire saws and dicers is a plus

Working Environment

Approximate 60% Standing/Walking; 40% Sitting.  Occasional lifting up to OSHA limits.  Exposure to hazardous materials (PZT particulate and mists) and nuisance dusts.  Exposed to machine noise, mists from machines (containing PZT) and chemicals such as ethylene glycol.

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