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Lead Engineer

Albuquerque, NM · Architecture/Engineering
Under the direction of the Engineering Manager, the Lead Engineer evaluates process performance to customer specifications and outlines process improvement activities which are consistent with six sigma and lean methodologies to ensure continuous improvement and product cost goals are met. Lead engineers will coordinate the activities of technicians to optimize selected processes. Provides input in the development of new products or processes as required. Provides support to engineers and technicians in training, problem solving, product or process characterization, design and development, process efficiency improvements and continuous improvement activities. Requires the ability to communicate effectively.  Must be able to mentor and coach peers and subordinates in process characterization and continuous process/product. In all activities, some travel may be required. Familiarity with hydrophones, transducers or piezo ceramic is a plus.

Specific Responsibilities
Responsibility 1: Process Sustaining Engineering Percentage of Time 70%
Monitor factory issues with products and processes post launch.  Provide necessary support to ensure order fulfillment. Champion factory SPC and Lean initiatives. Train others on the proper use of these techniques Monitor factory issues with products and processes post launch. Utilizes an array of continuous improvement tools (DOE, DMAIC, Six Sigma) and statistical analysis methods.
Responsibility 2: Product or Process Optimization Percentage of Time 15%
Senior engineer will be a resource for the design, optimization, launch and manufacturing of product or process issues and further optimize products for manufacturability, cycle time, cost reductions and transfer off shore.  Senior engineer will drive design reviews and FSA (final ship acceptance).
Responsibility 3: Product or Process Research and Applications Percentage of Time 5%
Research opportunities in which products or processes may have potential to be disruptive technology or new technology for future application.
Responsibility 4: IP Development Percentage of Time 5%
Address shortfalls in products, materials and processes through development of creative and innovative approaches.
Responsibility 5: Product or Process Design Percentage of Time 5%
Interfaces with management, customer, sales team, technicians and launch engineering to select, modify and optimize products or processes to meet customer requirements. Using simulation software and/or statistical tools, senior engineer will develop and optimize product or process to meet customer specifications. Process engineer will apply statistical experiments to optimize process capability.

Performance Characteristics 
Knowledge and Technical Skills:
Technical or industry-specific job knowledge
Possesses comprehensive knowledge of thick film processing, hydrophone or transducer manufacturing.  May have expertise in more than one field. 
Judgement and analytical conceptualization abilities
Applies advanced analytical abilities in performing required analyses to identify problems, develop appropriate solutions and implement with available resources to complete complex assignments. 
Ability to proactively develop new ideas / methodologies
Plans, conducts and oversees assignments under general supervision.
Demonstrates strong initiative in setting and meeting goals. 
Project management capability requirements
Under general supervision, develops detailed engineering plans within broad objectives.  Tracks progress and evaluates results.  Recommends changes in procedures after reviewing various alternatives.  Reviews progress with management
Verbal / written, negotiation skills, presentation skills, etc.
Effectively interacts with other professional staff throughout SBU.  Demonstrates awareness and understanding of related technology development both inside and outside CTS.
Coaching, Mentoring, performance management responsibilities
Operates with substantial latitude for unreviewed action.  Plans and conducts assignments.  Coordinates the appropriate allocation of resources to meet project goals.
Other Job Requirements:
Travel, foreign language competence, etc.
Some travel required.

Education, Training & Skills

Senior Process or Material Engineer-  BS degree in related field with 5+ years of experience in a technical field.  In depth knowledge of materials and processes.  Working knowledge of analytical tools and statistical techniques.  Good work habits and communication skills are required.  Able to work independently as well as in team environment is necessary.
Extensive experience (5+ years) with one of the following:  ceramic bonding, thick film printing, lapping, or electrical test.
Thorough knowledge of statistical tools (5+ years) such as Mini Tab, JMP, gauge capability, and DOE.


Work Position

(extent to which standing, walking or confined sitting are required for this position)
Process engineering involves a combination of confined sitting and walking. 
Material engineer may require more standing or even climbing using ladders.

Activity Summary

(Physical requirements e.g. lifting, carrying (max weight), manual dexterity, etc.)
Process engineer may be exposed to brief infrequent periods of lifting and times requiring manual dexterity.
Material engineer may have more frequent requirements for lifting and carrying per OSHA standards.

Hearing / Visual

(extent to which hearing and near, far and peripheral eyesight are required)
All senior engineers will be required to use microscopes or other analytical tools requiring good near vision.

Risk Exposure

(potential risk of injury while on the job and any safety precautions necessary)
Use of protective eye wear and other devices required. 

Environmental Conditions

(any noise, odor, dust, temperature extremes, chemical exposure, etc.)
Process and Material engineers may be exposed to Pb or other hazardous materials requiring use of respirator or other protective equipment.

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